Friday, January 9, 2015

Avery's 7th and 8th Months

Well baby girl, Mommy got really behind the last couple months in posting your monthly update, so I'm going to post 2 months together to get us back where we need to be. :-) 

You are now 8 months old (as of December 28th) and I can't believe it!! So much has happened in the last 2 months since your last update, I hardly know where to begin.

We had you and your brother at the doctor on December 26th. (You weighed 19 lbs. 5 ozs. at this appointment big girl.) You had gotten the stomach flu earlier that week for the first time and you were in the beginning stages of a cold and pink eye. :-( Baby girl, you were a mess for a few weeks with all the sickness and you were cutting teeth on top of it. I felt so bad for you and you were just not your usual happy self. You have finally cut your 2 top/front teeth just this week and you are in such a better mood now that you are feeling better! I finally have my happy baby back and I am so glad.

You still aren't crawling yet, but you are so very close. You go from sitting to your hands and knees, but you never go anywhere from there. I have a feeling it won't be long now though. You do scoot across the floor very slowly, and this gets you where you want to go. :-) You started trying to pull up on things in early December. I first noticed it on December 7 while you were sitting in your crib you tried pulling up on the rail!! Now you are pulling up to whatever you can and just this past Tuesday, (Jan. 6th) you pulled up to standing at the ottoman in our living room!! You're still a little wobbly and fall easily, but this was a big accomplishment! You aren't scared and will let go like you want to walk, but then always fall down. :-(

You are still taking 6 ounce bottles a couple of times throughout the day. Then you usually have a 7 ounce bottle right before I put you to bed. You are sleeping very well and usually will wake up once a night for another bottle, but always go right back to sleep. You eat 3 meals of baby food daily. You usually have a fruit with oatmeal in the morning and then a vegetable and a fruit for lunch and dinner. You love your food and have eaten everything we've given you. You started eating puffs and yogurt melts in the last month or two which has been really fun for you. You love them and I love that they keep you busy for a little while. :-)

We moved you up to size 4 diapers last month and you are wearing 12 and 18 month clothes! You are such a big girl!!

You had your first Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years these last 2 months and it was so much fun celebrating with you!! You went on your first little road trip to Kansas City for Thanksgiving and you did great!

You wave bye bye now and clap your hands, it is adorable!! You've said momma before and I've heard you say uh oh, hi and yay but they are very few and far between and you definitely don't do it on command. You also do this cute little happy dance. You kind of bob up and down when you hear music you like, or when you are eating and when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on. :-)

Well, I think that about covers it for the last two months and I can't wait to see what this month holds! You are getting so big and growing so fast. It sure doesn't seem like you should be 8 months old already! Slow down baby girl.

I love you SO much sweet Avery girl!

xoxo - Mommy