Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jackson's Mickey Mouse Themed 1st Birthday Party! {Part 2}

Jackson's birthday party was so much fun. It was a lot of work, and I often felt like I couldn't be everywhere I needed/wanted to be all the time, but we had a great time and most importantly, I think Jackson had a great time!

To entertain the kids, I printed off a color sheet and had a little box of crayons for each kid. I set them up down at tables close to our church's projection screen where we played a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. Once the food was ready, the kids ate and then a half hour into the party we had a balloon guy come and make balloon animals for all the kids. He stayed for the remainder of the party and the kids had a lot of fun with that!☺

During all of that, the adults ate (my MIL fixed Chili, Chicken Noodle Soup and Hot Dogs), watched Jackson eat destroy his smash cake and then watched Jackson open his presents.☺

Here are the pictures from his party.☺

The kids eating and having fun with their Mickey Mouse Ears!

Pictures of the kids and their Balloons!!

Jackson with his cake!

He really loved his cake!

 After he totally destroyed his cake and had so much fun with that, we gave him a much needed bath in the church sink. ☺

Then it was present time! By the time we got to opening presents, he was ready to just be down and running around, so he got a little restless towards the end. But overall he did great that day and was so happy. ☺

After the party was over, and we were all done cleaning up, I realized we hadn't gotten a family picture from his party. So we snapped a few with the big stuffed Mickey Mouse and this was my favorite! I just adore Jackson's smile!

So many people helped make this party possible and I can't thank them enough for all their help! We have the BEST family and friends EVER!!

Happy 1st Birthday Jackson! You are such a blessing to all of us and bring such joy to our lives!