Friday, January 1, 2016

Jackson's Christmas Program at Mini School

Every year, the preschool that Jackson goes to has a Christmas Program where the kids sing Christmas Songs! It's super cute. If you remember my post from last year, Jackson cried and ended up spending a majority of the program off stage instead of on stage. (You can read about it here.)

I feared this year would go much like last year, but in the days and weeks leading up to the program Jackson assured me he was going to get up there and sing loud for me to hear him. He had been singing all the songs at home and seemed very excited to sing his songs on stage. 

The day of his program came and as I walked him to his class to drop him off so he could get ready for the program, he didn't want me to leave. So I stayed with him for a little while trying to talk him into letting me go sit in the church but he wasn't having it. He ended up having a little melt down and at that point I figured he wasn't going to go up on stage at all. I walked with him and his class up to the church sanctuary and was thankfully able to sneak away to my seat before he saw that I was gone. He ended up walking up on stage with his class and stayed up there the whole time with no crying! I was so proud of him. He only sang a tiny bit but I was just happy he actually got up there and stayed with no tears! Ha. It was progress from last year so I counted that as a win!

Here are a few pictures from his Christmas Program.