Friday, October 23, 2015

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with April today for Five on Friday!

Earlier this month, my Mom, Sister and I went to the Vintage Market Days here in St. Louis. They have this twice a year and we went to the one in April earlier this year and had the best time! It's all outdoors and there are tons of Vintage vendors that set up tents and sell really cool vintage items. In April I found several really cute props for Storybook Photography. I found a little red wagon, an apple basket, a cute little ladder and a cute little wooden chair... all perfect for childrens photography.

This time around, I was looking for a few things for our new home... mostly for our kitchen since that's what we're working on now. I knew I wanted to find some blue mason jars, since that's the main color of the kitchen and then I found this cute blue cheese grater that I thought I could set out somewhere in the kitchen for decoration. I also found the cut tree trunk that I plan to use as part of the centerpiece on the dining room table. The license plate is to go in Jackson's room and the necklace I made while I was there at a vintage jewelry stand. I've been really wanting a camera charm for a necklace and I just love this one that she had. I paired it with an A and then cut the chain down a little shorter!! I love it so much :-)

Last week, I stayed home from work on Wednesday when Jake woke up sick and decided to stay home. Jackson had been coughing all night so I thought I better stay home and take care of both of them. Jackson's cough seemed to get a little better throughout the day but then at around 3:00 he had to go potty and when I helped take his pajamas down I noticed a crazy rash on his back, butt, legs and arms. He had had on warm fuzzy pajamas so we thought maybe he was just warm and we gave the rash a little while to see if it would go away, but after 30 minutes it was still very much there. So I called the doctor and they said to give him benadryl and see if that didn't help. After a little while of that, it wasn't getting any better so I called the doctor back and made him an appointment for the following day. The benadryl made him very sleepy and he slept the rest of the night. I stayed home again the next day to take him to the doctor but when he woke up, the rash was gone. I thought, well maybe it was just a weird thing and it's gone. But later that afternoon it came back. :-( I gave him more benadryl and was starting to freak out a little bit. It was like hives and combined with the cough, I was a little worried of what was going on. So Friday morning I called the doctor back and made another appointment, of course Jackson woke up later and the rash/hives were gone again, but this time we had taken a picture the night before in hopes that we could at least show the doctor what it looked like to see what was going on. The doctor said he really didn't know but said it was more than likely allergies or a virus. He said instead of using benadryl (which makes him super sleepy) we could try Allegra (which is non-drowsy) and see if that helped with the rash and the coughing. Thankfully it helped with both and the rash never came back! Yay. His cough is still here and getting worse. :-( Thankfully the Allegra does seem to help, but he and I are both ready for that to go away too.
My poor buddy's arm last Thursday night. :-( Thankfully he said it didn't itch or hurt, so that's good at least.

 I was recently at Target (my home away from home), shopping for Halloween costumes when I spotted this cute arrow with hooks. I had seen something similar on Pinterest and snatched it up to use as a place to hang my jewelry. I love it!!!

I took Avery's 18 month pictures a week or so ago and I just loved this one. I had her cross her ankles and told her to put her hands in her lap and she did it. :-) She seriously couldn't be any cuter!!

A little update on the house: We are still working on a lot of little projects around there. My dad is working tirelessly on finishing up the cabinets. He has all the boxes, drawers and doors built. Now he's working on getting them all painted and put together. We are in the home stretch of having the cabinets done. Yay! Once they are done, it should all come together pretty quickly. I can't wait to see and share the progress.

Here's a little sneak peek of what he had done as of last night. The gray cabinets (there are several more not pictured here) are for the u shape of the kitchen. This is the main cooking area. The white cabinets below are the top cabinets of our built in hutch/butler's pantry. They will have glass in the doors. I'm so excited to to be able to see them coming to life!! :-) We don't have the handles yet, but they have been picked out and just need to be ordered.

My mom and I got the wallpaper off in the kitchen and hall bath and the wallpaper border off in Avery's room and about halfway down in Jackson's room. We still have the rest of the border to take down in Jackson's room and then all of the border in the master bedroom to go. All the floor trim has been pulled out of the whole house and a good majority of the brush from the back yard has been hauled off. This past weekend Jake got rid of all the leaves in the yard, mowed and weed-eated and he and my dad cleaned the gutters and put gutter guards on so that he doesn't have to clean them anymore. :-) The pool has been winterized and closed for the winter. So we've made quite a bit of progress! :-) I'm hoping there will be a lot more to share soon.
While taking the wallpaper down in the kitchen this past Saturday, we found this mural that had been painted there at one point in time. It's always interesting the things you find in old homes. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!