Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter and My Birthday.

Sorry I'm posting this a little late, but this past week was just very busy.

Easter turned out to be a Beautiful day this year. We had 75 degree weather and sunshine, which is pretty rare in St. Louis, because most of the time its 50 degrees and raining on Easter. We went to church and then went to my parents' house to BBQ and spend time with family. Below are just a few pictures from Easter day. Tomorrow Jake and I are celebrating Easter with his mom, his 2 brothers and their families. I will have to post more pictures of that on Monday.

Speaking of Monday... Thats my 29th Birthday!!! We celebrated mine and my Dad's birthday (his b-day is tomorrow) this past Friday night with family. We had a great time together.

Mine and my Sister's Sunday School class on Easter morning.
The field at church, covered in Easter Eggs for the kids.
And their off and hunting! :-)
My nephew Landon looking for eggs.
My niece Sophia looking for eggs.
Jake and I on Easter Sunday at church.
My Family!! (My parents, Jake and I, and my sister, her husband and their son Landon)

Happy Spring Everyone!!!