Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Back To School Photos

Jackson and Avery are both enjoying their last full week of Summer Vacation this week. We are celebrating with a long weekend trip to Chicago to visit Six Flags Great America. :-) We leave this Thursday and come back on Sunday. Then we'll be gearing up for "Back to School!"

Jackson will be a first grader this year!!! He's going back to Long Elementary and his teacher's name is Mrs. Craden. He's very excited to start back to school and that makes me so happy!

Avery will be in Pre-K this year. Her last year of preschool!! :-( She is going back to Lindbergh Early Childhood Education and she is going to be in the Caterpillar Room with Ms. Darr and Ms. Beel. Jackson was in this same class for Pre-K so I'm excited for Avery since I really loved both of these teachers. Avery is going half day on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Avery is also really excited to go back to school this year!!

We're hoping for another great year of school and looking forward to all the learning and growing they'll do!