Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

Here's a little random post for today. I hope you're all having a great week.

* Jackson came down with a cough last Saturday evening, and then Monday his nose started running. :-( Yesterday morning both symptoms seemed to be worsening so I left work early to take him to the Dr. He ended up testing positive for RSV. :-( The nurse said the test normally takes 15 minutes, but within a minute it was already showing positive. They made me leave through the back door because apparently RSV is extremely contagious. He had been acting normal, playing, eating and sleeping fine, but my Mom just called and said he woke up with a bit of a fever so it seems to be getting worse. :-(  The Dr. said it normally peeks at the 5th day, we're on day #4 today. Unfortunately, RSV is a virus and there is no medication or antibiotic they can prescribe for it. It just has to run its course. Thank goodness for Advil.

Jackson at the Dr. yesterday afternoon.

* What is going on with this weather? For the last two days its been in the 60's and 70's, which is very warm for this time of year in MO. There were thunderstorms and tornado watches yesterday afternoon and evening. Now today the temp. is supposed to drop into the 30's and the rain may quite possibly change to snow!  CRAZY! Its no wonder everyone is sick.

* This is what you get when you have 3 Labrador Retrievers living with you... a TON of shedding! I swept my floors Sunday evening and by Tuesday evening this was the pile of hair I swept up in our kitchen and hallway alone. How do these dogs have any hair left with all of the shedding they do?? Its a good thing I love them so much. ☺

*And to end this post on a happy note. I just hit 200 Followers!! Yay! Thanks so much to all of my followers. ☺