Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Basket Goodies

I was able to get the kids Easter baskets all finished up last week! I ended up buying them both new baskets this year. I happened to be at Dollar General looking at baskets for the house and ran across these for only $5 each! I would really like to have their names embroidered on them sometime before next Easter. Jackson's old basket was just getting too small and Avery didn't really have a true basket, so I snatched them up when I saw them and I'm so glad I did.

Jackson's basket has several goodies in it that I'm really excited for him to get this year. He is a Blaze and the Monster Machines fanatic and we've been collecting all the Blaze cars from the store. The two I got him for his basket are the latest ones I've found from the new 2016 trucks. He's going to flip out when he sees them! I'm also excited about the rain boots I got each of the kids. Jackson's are from Walmart and they are going to come in handy on rainy Spring and Summer days, and I even thought they'd be good in the Winter for snow too! I also got him a Paw Patrol Puzzle and the only Paw Patrol car that he didn't have; Everest! He's also getting a Chocolate Cross, our traditional Reece's Pieces Carrot and the eggs are filled with bite-sized pay-days this year, which are his favorite candy bar!

Avery's basket is filled with some pretty cute things too! As I said in my post yesterday, she is really into reading right now and we read several books every night at bed-time. So I got her her first little Book of Bible stories and the book Guess How Much I Love You! I'm looking forward to some new books to read at bed-time! She is also getting rain boots which I happened to find on clearance at Target! They are adorable! I also got her some "Fia" the First sunglasses and some Minnie Mouse Bubbles. Then, like Jackson, she is getting a Chocolate Cross, our traditional Reece's Pieces Carrot and her eggs are filled with bite-sized pay-days as well.

And here's a close-up of the adorable rain boots!

I'm so excited for Easter this year!!

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