Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jackson's Nursery: Phase 2 - Furniture

Last night my parents came over to help put together Jackson's crib/changing table and dresser!! I'm so excited to have a majority of the furniture all set up! The only other piece of furniture I'm waiting on is a side table to go next to the glider/rocker. I had ordered one previously and it was delivered last week, but it just didn't match up right with the rest of the furniture. So I took it back and re-ordered a different table, which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow! Here are some pictures of the nursery now with the crib/changer and dresser all put together and in their place. I still need to get a mattress for the crib and a different changing table pad and cover since the one that came with the changing table is really flat and not very cushioned at all. I put a little blanket over the one that came with it, just for the sake of making it look nice for the pictures. ☺
I can't wait to get it all decorated now!!

The crib/changing table still has a few stickers on it, from the manufacturer, that I need to get off, but it was midnight when we finally finished getting everything put together so I figured I'd wait on that project til later this week/weekend. They're those really sticky kind of stickers that I'll probably have to use a hair dryer to get them off. :-(

The blanket hanging over the front of the crib was a gift from my Aunt Lisa. It didn't have his name on it but another Aunt of mine does her own embroidering, so my mom took a couple blankets out to her to have her put Jackson's name on them. They turned out sooo cute! ☺

The dresser and rocker/glider!!