Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

♥ I'm loving that this time next month we will be on our 5 year anniversary trip on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

♥ I'm loving the little book I made from Shutterfly of my pregnancy with Jackson. I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality and everything about it. I can't say enough about their books. And bonus, it took less than a week to get it back. ☺
♥ I'm loving my sister's blog. She started it a couple of months ago, but has recently been updating it more regularly. I helped her with the design and its really cute. She has 2 little boys, Landon and Mason, that I talk about frequently on my blog. If you get a minute, stop by and check out her blog.

♥ I'm loving these cute pictures of Jackson I took over the weekend.

Standing up and blowing raspberries.

Crawling around.

Big smile. ♥

So silly.

♥ I'm loving that we're taking Jackson to his first pro. baseball game this Friday night. Cardinals vs. Royals.

♥ I'm loving that I have a 3 day weekend coming up! Yay!

♥ I'm loving that I finally got to get my hair cut and colored this past Monday. ☺ It hadn't been colored since last November, Yikes!

I'm loving this necklace my mom made for me. She found the idea on Pinterest and ordered the kit for it. It has a little picture of Jackson in it. ♥ I need to take a closer picture of it for you to really see it, but this is all I have at the moment.

♥ And as always...