Monday, July 23, 2012

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

I stumbled upon this photo challenge today and thought I'd go ahead and enter. Chelsey @ The Paper Mama, does a weekly photo challenge on her blog with a new topic every week. The stipulation is that your picture should be based around your child (or fur-child). The challenge this week is, "Story". So I thought I'd enter this photo because it tells a story of Jackson's strength and determination. He started walking 2 weeks ago at only 8 months old!

Sleeping Through The Night

I'm taking a break from our vacation posts today, mainly because I forgot my memory stick, to talk about getting your baby to sleep through the night.

Jackson has always been a pretty good sleeper and we've never had problems with him being awake all night or anything, but he does still wake up at least once, but mostly twice a night for a bottle. He always takes the bottle and goes right back to sleep, but I would really like to eliminate the nighttime feedings all together and get him sleeping through the night.

I know this will take some time and patience, but I also know its something we really need to work on. He's 9 months old now and I know he really needs to be sleeping through the night.

So I'm just looking for some advice on how some of you mom's have gotten your babies to sleep through the night. I just read about the Moms on Call method. Have any of you used this method or some other method that worked well for you? Any comments or suggestions would be helpful. ☺