Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stoffel Family Christmas

Our last Christmas celebration was with my side of the family. We celebrated the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, that same morning Jake woke up with a pretty bad case of Strep Throat, so needless to say, he stayed in bed that whole weekend. :-( 

My parents always host, and we always have a big Breakfast at lunch time. This has been a tradition of ours for years!

Jackson and Avery brought a few of their new toys and the kids all played together quite well. We had lunch and then my parents had stockings for the kids! We also have a little bit of a tradition of wearing comfy clothes or even pajamas, so my kids both wore a new pair of pajamas that they had gotten for Christmas the day before. Avery was decked out in Minnie Mouse from the bow in her hair to the slippers on her feet. :-) She sure does love "Mimmie".

Papa showing baby Emerson a little toy he got in his stocking.

Then it was on to presents!!

Avery saying "cheese" with a couple of her gifts. Ha.

Mason was so excited to get this dump truck from Maw Maw and Papa! :-)

Maw Maw and Papa got Jackson the whole set of Paw Patrol characters for his Look-Out that he got from Santa.

Avery riding her pretty pink pony from Maw Maw and Papa. :-)

We got Landon a game similar to Twister. So the kids decided to try and play it. Avery was hilarious trying to copy what the bigger kids were doing. :-)

We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon just hanging out and chatting while the kids played with their new toys together. It was such a fun day for everyone!!