Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Six of our 5 Year Anniversary Trip

Here are days 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, if you'd like to go back and read all about them. 

Day six was probably one of my favorite days on our trip!!

We slept as late as possible before getting up and packing everything up to move on to our third and final hotel on the island. We had our bags sent to The Main Street Inn and Suites, where we'd be staying the final 2 nights and we walked to Main Street to rent a tandem bike for a few hours.

After talking to the people at the bike rental shop, they warned us that a tandem bike would fine for riding around the outside of the island, but we would want separate bikes for going up into the core of the island because of the hills. So we rented the tandem bike for a couple hours and made our way around the entire outskirts of the island. There is a road that goes all the way around the island (8 miles). It was super fun. Here are some pictures. 

Arch Rock from the opposite angle.

This was a nice beach we stopped off at, not too long into our journey. The water was very shallow here as you can see.

Jake acting goofy. :-)

A couple beautiful homes along the coastline.

Right across the road from one of these beautiful homes, was this little private deck with a beautiful view of the lake and bridge.

The view was amazing.

This little cave is called Devil's Kitchen

The movie "Somewhere in Time" was filmed on Mackinac Island. This is a little plaque, showing a scene that was filmed in this spot. Jake and I really want to see this movie now. There were scenes filmed at the Grand Hotel and at the Mission Pointe Resort.

Here you see some beautiful Victorian homes up on the bluff.

After we made our way all the way around the island, we decided to go back and eat lunch and then check into our hotel and change into our swimsuits. We had found a place we wanted to swim that looked very nice. It was at British Landing, where the British first landed on the island.

First we had lunch at Seabiscuit Cafe. I had a chicken salad sandwich and Jake an amazing French Dip. Wish I would have gotten the French dip, but he chicken salad sandwich was pretty good.

And then we checked into the Main Street Inn and Suites and it was oh so beautiful! It was by far my favorite hotel that we stayed in. We had the honeymoon suite! You can see Jake standing out on our balcony.

These are pictures of the outside of the hotel and there was a little room on our floor where you could play pool or sit and read. There was also a little table on our floor that had fresh lemon water on it all the time. It was so cute.

This was our room.

It was probably one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in.

After checking in and getting changed, we headed back down to the bike shop to rent a bike for each of us to take back to British Landing to swim (about 4 miles away) and then we planned to ride up into the interior of the island to see Fort Holmes and some other things we'd been wanting to see.

Me, riding on a pink beach cruiser. I'm thinking I need one of these at home with a little pull behind cart for Jackson. :-)

Here Jake and I are at British Landing, swimming in Lake Huron. The water was very cold, but we got used to it pretty quick. There were nice waves there and it got deep not too far from the shore. It was a rock beach and we didn't have water shoes, but we made the best of it. We had a lot of fun swimming and stayed there for about an hour.

After swimming, we rode all the way up to the highest point on the island, Fort Holmes.

Mackinac Bridge from Fort Holmes.

Here you can see Fort Mackinac from Fort Holmes and the Round Island Lighthouse on the left hand side.

After visiting Fort Holmes, we rode through the 3 graveyards. The most interesting one is the Post Cemetery.

Every evening, the boyscouts march out here and take down the flag.  Thats what they are getting ready to do here.

After our bike adventure, we rode the bikes back to the bike shop and went back to the hotel. In total we probably rode around 20 miles that day and we were feeling it. We decided to wind down in the jacuzzi in our room. Around dinner time, we walked down to Doud's Market, the little grocery store on the island, to buy some wine and soda, and we stopped at Island Slice Pizzeria for some pizza and breadsticks. We took everything back to the room and spent the evening eating and drinking out on our balcony. It was so fun sitting out there at night and watching all the people go by.

This was the view from the balcony. :-)

So that was day 6. I will post our 7th and final full day on the island tomorrow.

Embrace the Camera

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Embrace the Camera is where you'll take a picture of YOU with your kids, spouse, friends, etc. The point of embrace the camera is to get in front of the camera and to document a bit of yourself.

Monday night, Jake and I were playing with Jackson after I had taken his weekly picture. I kept my camera out to get a few pictures of Jackson playing and I snapped a few of Jake playing with Jackson and one of myself with Jackson. I thought I'd share them for Embrace the Camera. ☺