Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jackson's Mickey Mouse Themed First Birthday Party (Decorations)

As usual, I took a ton of pictures of Jackson's 1st Birthday party... so I thought I would split his party up into 2 posts. The first being the decorations. :-)

I got started on the decorations a couple months ago by making his "Happy Birthday" Banner, his "I Am 1" Banner and his "Monthly Pictures" Banner. I just bought scrapbook paper and solid color card stock to make them and I used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters and shapes.

 This was his monthly banner and I also set my pregnancy scrapbook and his 1st year scrapbook out for everyone to look at. I also put all of his weekly pictures on my digital frame and set that on the table as well! The giant Mickey Mouse belonged to a friend of ours and she said we could borrow it for the party! We had a couple extra centerpieces, so I added those to this little table as well. :-)

Then last weekend, I made all of the centerpieces. I just used a black paper lantern, made the ears out of black card stock and cut them out using my cricut. I then hot-glued the head onto a red bucket. The buttons were made just using white card stock and my cricut and the feet were made using yellow card stock and my cricut. It was all hot-glued together and they each sat nicely on the tables. :-) I also (with the help of my sister), made the little Oreo cookie, Mickey Mouse suckers. They were quite a bit of work, but once we figured out exactly how to do it, they were fairly easy. I got the idea here.

Here's a close-up of the Mickey Mouse sucker we made.

I also made several Pom Poms to go over the food table! I just used Black, Red and Yellow tissue paper.

My sister made the cake and cupcakes and I cut out the little banner using my cricut. It all turned out so cute!! I got the idea for the cupcakes here and the idea for the banner here.

I also made some cute little goody bags for the kids. I just used a snack size baggy and filled it with red Swedish Fish. I then cut out the ears using black card stock and my cricut machine. I used Picmonkey to make the poem and just cut it out round and glued it onto the ears. I found the poem online and just changed things around to tie in the Mickey Mouse theme. They were pretty easy to make and put together. :-)

With a lot of help, from my mom, sister our Pastor's wife and my Mother in Law, we got the dining hall all decorated the Friday night before his party! It took us a few hours but we got it all done and it looked great. I used 4 packs of 15 balloons (one in each of the party theme colors) to make the ceiling decorations. We just strung the balloons up using fishing line and a needle. Thankfully I had spent the extra $2.50 on a hand held thing to blow up the balloons. My arm hurt the next couple of days, but it was worth it. :-) The long table in these pictures below, was the kids table. They each had little mickey mouse ear headbands to wear.

I think that about covers all the party decorations. I will post about the actual party tomorrow.

P.S. if you have any questions about how I made something or where I bought something for the party, just let me know! :-)