Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day

The kids had their Valentines Day parties at school today, so I took the morning off so I could join them at school. They were so cute and had so much fun!

 Jackson's party was first. Each child passed out their valentines 2 kids at a time. So it was quite the process but so cute to watch. Jackson had dinosaur valentines and an Avengers bucket to collect valentines in. :-)

Avery's party was at the end of class. They got to decorate sugar cookies. Most of the kids were just eating the icing right our of the container, Avery included. They should all have a nice sugar high. Ha! Avery's class also played a few games and had a couple little crafts. It was a super cute party. Avery had Frozen valentines and a Frozen mailbox to collect her valentines in. :-)

They both got a ton of cute valentines!

Later tonight we're grilling steaks for us and I plan to make heart shaped grilled cheese for the kids (per Jackson's request.) Should be a fun evening.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!