Thursday, October 22, 2015

How we celebrated Jackson's 4th Birthday

Jackson turned 4 this past Tuesday and though his party is a week and a half away, we had to make him feel special on his actual birthday. I had considered taking the day off of work, but since he had school that day, it didn't really make sense to do that. So he went to school like normal and then when we all got home, we took him to his favorite restaurant for dinner... Steak n' Shake where he ordered his favorite meal: Grilled Cheese, Fries with dipping cheese on the side and a Dr. Pepper (he only gets soda when we're out to eat or on special occasions). 

After dinner, we decided to take him to Family Video for the first time and let him pick out a movie to take home and watch. There are very few video stores left around us now, but we do have one that's somewhat close-by. Family Video has a Free Kids Movie section! So we let him pick out one that was free and one that wasn't free. He picked a Blaze and the Monster Machines DVD (no surprise there) and The Lego Movie!! 

 Then after the movie store, we stopped by Baskin Robbins on the way home so he could pick out some ice-cream. He picked the green and blue berry sherbert you see up in the far right. :-) He didn't eat much of it, so Avery finished it off at home making quite a big mess. Ha.

While I got Avery in the bath, Jackson and Jake started watching The Lego Movie and he ended up watching quite a bit of it before finally falling asleep. I think he had a great 4th birthday and we all had fun celebrating our special boy!!