Monday, July 7, 2014

Jackson Lately

On June 20th, Jackson turned 32 months old. He's growing up so fast, it's just so hard to believe! He is so much fun right now! I just love all of the funny things he says and some of the things he knows and remembers just blows my mind! He can test my patience for sure, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.

He can now sing his ABC's, with a little help! It is so adorable! I really need to get it on video, but the one time I tried, he wouldn't sing it, of course! Some other favorite songs he likes to sing are 5 Little Monkeys, If You're Happy and You Know It, Row Row Row Your Boat, The DJ Shuffle Song, The Summer Song from Frozen and "Happy" by Pharrell Williams! He loves to sing and tries to sing any songs he hears, especially on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

A couple of weeks ago, after being around my nephews who call me by my actual name, Jackson started calling me Mimi (aka Amy, Ha.) Then after hearing me call Jake by his actual name, Jackson started calling his daddy "Blake" (aka Jake). He also has called me "Mom" a few times lately after being around older kids who say Mom instead of Mommy. I quickly corrected him and said no, it's mommy. :-) I'm not ready to be "Mom" yet. 

Jackson has some super funny ways of saying things that I don't want to forget. These are his latest creations:
"Feavy" for Heavy
"Bopcorn on the Cob" for Popcorn
"Light Light Bug" for Lightening Bug
"Fia" for his cousin Sophia
He used to say "Yeah Yeah" for Yes, but just in the last week or so he started saying Yes, not yeah but yes. Ha.

A couple other funny things he's said lately:
My mom was sitting outside with him and they saw an airplane in the sky, so she asked him if he had ridden on a big airplane (knowing he did back in January when we went to Phoenix), and he said yes. So she asked him where he went on the airplane and he said "Let me think" while tapping his finger on the side of his head! I have no idea where he picked up on that one. Ha.

He's also said, after hearing birds chirping outside, "What's that Sound" while holding his hand up to his ear! Not sure where he got that one from either. Ha.

After going to Pizza Hut with my parents for dinner one night, he spotted a Pizza Hut from a distance while driving with us and shouted excitedly, "Pizza Hut". He knew it was a Pizza Hut just from seeing the sign and remembered going there with my parents.

One last thing to mention about Jackson lately is, he loves riding carnival rides. We took him to his first carnival a couple weeks ago and he LOVED the rides! He had so much fun there, so we took him to Six Flags and he rode all the kiddie rides plus any adult rides he was tall enough for. We also took him to a carnival last week and he rode every ride he was tall enough for and wanted to ride the ones he wasn't tall enough for. I'm so thrilled that he isn't scared and loves rides!

Likes: Playing with and collecting cars from the Disney movie Cars, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the movie Bolt, playing at the park, carnival rides, pizza, cinnamon rolls and oreos.

Dislikes: Pasta of any kind (crazy kid), naptime, having his picture taken and diaper changes.

 Jackson, you are so much fun and your Daddy and I just love you to pieces! You amaze me every day with the things you know and remember! You are such a blessing and joy and I can't thank God enough for allowing me to be  your Mommy!