Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jackson is 19 Weeks Old!

Jackson turned 19 weeks old this past Thursday!

He's started grabbing at his feet this last week and will now roll from his back to his belly. He doesn't like when he gets over on his belly. Though he knows how to roll back over, he doesn't, he just eventually starts crying til someone flips him back over again. :-)

He's just getting over the flu bug today. He came down with it yesterday afternoon. It was a little scary seeing him throw up that much. He's a "spitter upper," so I'm used to him spitting up quite frequently and sometimes a lot comes out, but this was like the whole bottle all at once. It spewed out like a river, even came through his nose, poor guy. I felt so bad for him. Thankfully it only happened twice and through it all he stayed happy and in a good mood. After the second time, I called the doctor to see what could possibly be wrong and the dr. said it was probably a little flu bug and to give him pedialite for the rest of the evening and night. Then I could try giving him a bottle in the morning if the pedialite stayed down. Thankfully it did, and he's now had 3 bottles today and they've all stayed down! Thank goodness. He's sleeping now and has slept a lot yesterday and today. Hopefully all this sleep is helping him get better.

He had a 4 month check up at the doctor on Friday. He weighed 17 pounds 3 ozs (75th percentile) and is 27 3/4 inches long (95th percentile). His doctor said he's probably going to be a pretty tall boy. We found out that  the few dry patches he has on his skin are eczema. :-( So the doctor recommended we try some 1% hydrocortizone and I also got him some Aveeno eczema lotion. I used them both on him this morning after his bath and they seem to be helping. The doctor also said to keep him on the soy for a week and see how that does with his spitting up and if he's still spitting up after a week to call in and there are a couple other things we can try. We also got the green light to start him on baby foods. We started out with carrots yesterday and he seemed to like them. The doctor said to try the orange veggies first for 3 days each, then move to the green veggies. I haven't given him any today because of the flu. I think we'll probably skip that today and maybe try again tomorrow. Here's a few pictures of him eating his carrots.

He had his mouth open, ready for more. :-)