Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome back to Throw-back Thursday!

This week is all about high school dances! 

This first picture is from my Sophomore Homecoming Dance! I actually didn't have a boyfriend for this dance, but my 2 friends set me up with the boy I'm with in the picture for the dance. We sort of dated after that, but not for more than about a month. He did, however, end up being the first boy I ever kissed. :-)

This second picture is from my Senior Prom. The boy I went with was my boyfriend who I met working at Walgreens. He and I both worked there and ended up dating for about a year and a half. He actually went to a different high school and was a year younger than me. The dance was actually pretty boring and we didn't end up staying very long. He was a "bad boy" who I regret ever dating. However, in dating him, I learned exactly what I didn't want in my next relationship. :-)

So there are my embarrassing high school dance photos. :-) I hope you'll all join me and share some of your high school dance photos, or any photos from your past that you'd like to share.