Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Arizona/California Vacation: Day 3 - Toon Town

After spending most of the morning in Fantasy Land and Storybook Land (you can read all about that here), next was Toon Town. 

Toon Town is where we were told we could meet Mickey, and that was at the top of our to-do list while at Disneyland. Toon Town was this super cute area of the Disneyland Park where Mickey and his friends hang out. They each had their own interactive house/tree/boat/car. They were all so cute and fun. There were a couple of rides there as well that we rode. It was really the highlight of our day. When Jackson met Mickey and gave him a hug, Jake and I just about shed a tear. It was seriously so sweet!

So here are a few pictures from Toon Town.

First we spotted Pluto!

And then Goofy!

Next we went over to Mickey's House! You walk through Mickey's interactive house and then watch a short little movie while you wait for them to come and get you to meet Mickey. :-) The wait was pretty short and so worth it.

 That last picture just kills me. It's so stinkin cute and will definitely be framed in our house.

After meeting Mickey, we went and rode Gadget's Go Coaster, which was still in Toon Town. It was a fun little roller coaster that actually went pretty fast for it being for little kids. We all decided to ride it. :-) I snapped this adorable picture with my phone.

Then we headed over to Minnie's house. She was at her house too and we got to meet her after waiting in a short line. 

Minnie's little kitchen was so very cute and fun! Next we headed out back to meet Minnie. :-)

After meeting Minnie, we went to see Donald's Boat next and then Chip and Dale's Tree. Unfortunately Donald, Chip and Dale weren't in Toon Town. :-( We searched high and low for them the rest of the day because Jackson really wanted to meet them, but we never did get to get a picture with them. We did see them in the parade though, but it wasn't quite the same.

We rode Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin right before heading out of Toon Town. Then it was off to ride some more rides and watch the parade!