Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guest Post: Allison Carenza (Photographer and Looky Loo Light Inventor)

   Allison approached me through e-mail a week or so ago, asking if she could write a guest post here for her Looky Loo Light. After checking it out, I told her sure. She's such a great photographer and she has such a cool product! I thought some of you may be interested in having a Looky Loo Light of your own.

So here she is to tell you all about her Looky Loo Light. :-)
     Hello to the fans and followers of Amy's blog!  I'm so thrilled to get to be a guest blogger today. 

    I’m here to tell you about the Looky Loo Light, a product I took from idea to reality.  As you
know Amy is obsessed with taking pictures of Jackson, but it can be difficult at times because Jackson loves to be on the go, so getting him to stop and look at the camera can be nearly impossible at times.

    The Looky Loo Light is an attachment for any DSLR camera that allows the photographer to consistently get photos of kids peering right into the lens.

    Let me back up, my name is Allison Carenza ( and I'm a photographer in Kansas City, Missouri. I've been professionally photographing kids for over 8 years now and when I look back at my work, I get teary-eyed thinking about the impact the images have made on the families I've worked with.

    There aren't many jobs where you get to give your clients something that will literally last a lifetime! That's really what drove me to invent the Looky Loo Light. I wanted to give the best possible images to my clients. So a couple years ago I started tinkering with the idea of building something that attaches to the hood of my camera with colorful flashing lights. Fast forward a couple years, and I now use the Looky Loo Light in almost all my shoots and it works great!

    The images I've been able to capture are game changers. The parents are always blown away with how well the Looky Loo Light works. Parents have said things to us like “I have seen Harper go from a wiggle worm to completely still and staring at the camera” and, “My kids were cracking up the whole time. I think the Looky Loo Light got my husband and I to relax and look at the camera too. He can be camera shy."

    I have had such great success and realized other photographers and parents need their very own Looky Loo too. So I took my prototype back to the drawing board to make it even better! I've added three sound and light programs, streamlined the design and added a brightness control so it can be used in a variety of settings. With those updated electronics that are awesome, we are ready to start sharing with the world!

    We decided it was a good idea to launch our Kickstarter campaign to tell the world about the Looky Loo, allow them to be the first to own one, and help raise funds for bigger production. Help us by being one of the first to own a Looky Loo Light. You will be so impressed with the images you're able to capture. :) Just go to our Kickstarter page and buy your own:

Thank you so so much Amy for your support!  We have big hopes and dreams for the Looky Loo and any help, even if it's just sharing the link on your page is much appreciated.

All the best!