Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm Told I Love Football!

I saw this on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and thought it was so fitting for Jackson. He needs this shirt for sure.

 As I mentioned in this previous post, my husband is a die hard football fan! I mean really die hard. So everytime I see something football related for Jackson, its a must have. Here are a few examples from this past year. ☺ For Jake's sake, I really hope Jackson grows up to love football, LOL.

A photo we took for his newborn shoot! My mom made him the little hat and diaper cover.

Football binky!

Jackson wearing his first little Chiefs jersey!

Jackson wearing a shirt that says, "If the Chiefs are playing, I'm not napping".

This is what Jackson does when we say "Touchdown". He will also throw a ball down if he has one in his hands. Then he claps and says Yay! Ha!

Over the weekend I found this super cute winter hat. It came with little mittens too. ☺ Jackson needed a winter hat so when I saw this one, I just had to buy it for him. He looks so cute in it. 

This coming weekend, we are going to Jake's aunt and uncle's house for an early Thanksgiving celebration with Jake's mom's family. We do this every year and switch off between going to Kansas City and them coming to St. Louis. This year we'll be in KC, and Sunday everyone is going to the Chiefs game. Jackson and I opted out of going to the game because he's still so little and I wasn't sure how the weather would be, (Arrowhead is an outdoor stadium) They will be tailgating before the game though, so weather permitting, Jackson and I will be tailgating with everyone and then going somewhere kid friendly in KC. (If you have any suggestions, let me know.) So this will be Jackson's first time at/outside of Arrowhead Stadium. His cute little football hat will come in handy. I will be sure to post pictures next week. ☺