Wednesday, June 8, 2011

21 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 21 Weeks

Size of Baby: The baby is around 10 1/2 inches long head to heel. (About the length of a carrot.) He weighs around three quarters of a pound.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 10 lbs. or so, so far.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, all maternity pants and mostly maternity shirts.

Gender: Its a BOY!! Jackson Thomas Smith

Movement: Yes, feeling movement more and more.

Food Cravings: Loving fruit, sweets and ice cream.

What I miss: Nothing really.

Sleep: Having to get up at least once a night to use the restroom and just can't seem to get comfortable.

Symptoms: Having to use the restroom often, some mid back pain and I'm noticing the linea negra more now.

Best Moment this week: Feeling Jackson move more and more and hearing his heartbeat at my 20 appt. last Friday. His heart rate was 165. He's an active little boy. :-)

What I am looking forward to: Getting Jackson's room ready, hopefully we can start on this project soon.