Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Bunny Fail

We took the kids to see the Easter Bunny last night at the mall. I didn't have high hopes for how this would turn out and I'm glad I didn't. Ha! Neither of my kids would even sit near the bunny.

When we first got there, Jackson went up to him with no problems and gave the bunny five, so at this point I'm thinking, maybe this will go better than I thought. Then he sat down on the bench as far away from the bunny as he possibly could. So I asked him to scoot closer and for whatever reason he just wouldn't do it. So we set Avery on the bunny's lap and immediately the water works started flowing. :-(

So in an attempt to get the kids to sit somewhat close to the bunny, the photographer says, try setting them on your laps and then we can just crop you guys out. So I set Jackson on my lap and Avery was on Jake's lap. Avery did alright, but Jackson would not sit up straight. Eventually I took him aside and promised him the moon to get him back up there to sit next to the bunny. By this point I'm sweating, but we finally got a semi-decent picture.

Oh well, at least we tried, and we have a funny story to tell them when they get older. ;-)