Monday, October 8, 2018

Disneyland/SoCal Vacation 2018: Day 2

Our first full day at Disneyland was great! We spent the whole day at the Disneyland Park! We got there bright and early for the rope drop and started out in Fantasyland and just worked our way around the park using the MaxPass on the Disneyland App, which I highly recommend. We met several of our favorite characters, rode all of our favorite rides, had a reservation for lunch at the Blue Bayou (which was so cool and the food was so good), watched the Pixar Play Parade and finished the night with Fantasmic and Fireworks! It was such a great day! Here are a TON of pictures from our fabulous day!

It was dark in the Blue Bayou and my big camera doesn't have an internal flash, so I just took a few iPhone pictures while there. As I said before, the food was so good. I had the Monte Cristo along with Creme Brulee for dessert. I took pictures of everyone's desserts because they were so cool.

They sang happy birthday to Jackson at a couple different restaurants. His birthday was coming up so we asked for the Birthday Button for him to wear while we were there.

I have to add that we did have a bit of an issue while at the Blue Bayou that wasn't really funny then, but is kind of funny now. As soon as they got us seated, the smoke alarms started going off. By this time it was around 2:00 in the afternoon and a few of us hadn't really had anything to eat all day so we were VERY hungry. We all had to leave the restaurant and wait about 45 minutes or so before we got the all clear to come back to our table. Some of us handled this better than others, ha! We did get a free fast pass out of it though, so we were able to ride the Haunted Mansion and skip the very long line. The line was so long because of it being Halloween time and them having the "Nightmare Before Christmas" overlay on, which was very cool by the way.

After that we rode more rides and met a few more characters before getting our spot for the 6:00 Pixar Play Parade! To ensure a good spot, we usually try and get to Main Street about an hour or so before the parade starts.

While we waited for the parade, we got a few sweet treats to keep the little happy. :-)

And we got to meet a few characters walking down Main Street!

After the parade, we all met up at the castle for a big group picture in our matching t-shirts. We also did a few individual family pictures as well.

Then we split up and rode a few more rides before meeting back up for Fantasmic and the Fireworks show. I didn't get any pictures of Fantasmic or the Fireworks. I decided just to sit back and watch them this go-around.

Jackson's favorite ride since he rode the first time at 3 years old, is Space Mountain. I was excited for Avery to be able to ride it this time, but since it had the Ghost Galaxy overlay on it, she HATED it (as you can see in this picture!) She cried the whole time. I think she would like the normal ride, but she didn't like the "Lava Monster" she called him. Ha!

Avery and I spent some more time in Fantasyland that evening. We rode Dumbo, The Tea-Cups and the Alice in Wonderland ride.

Avery fell asleep on our walk to Fantasmic and just could't stay awake for it. Poor thing. We wore her out most days at Disneyland.

When we got back to the resort I couldn't help but get another picture of California Adventure lit up at night! So cool.

It was a long, but GREAT day at Disneyland.