Thursday, July 3, 2014

Explore St. Louis: The City Garden

Another fun thing we did while I was on Maternity Leave was visit the City Garden. (Not to be confused with the Missouri Botanical Garden that I talked about yesterday.)

One Saturday in May, we met up with Jake's Mom, Brother and his Brother's Kids  to go "cake hunting" downtown. We planned to find a few cakes, have lunch and then head over to the City Garden so the kids could play in the sprinklers. Jackson had a blast swimming and playing with his cousins! Our City Garden has several sprinklers and 2 pools for the kids to swim in. They have several sculptures, throughout the park and there are often many food trucks parked there. It's a beautiful place to visit and so much fun for kids. It's also FREE!!

Here are a few pictures I took while we were there that day.

Jackson jumping over the sprinklers. :-)

Jackson and his cousin Bella in the pool.

Daddy helping Jackson jump in with Bella.

And of course, we had to get a picture with the City Garden Cake. :-)  (P. S. to see all of the 118 cakes we've found so far, you can follow along with me on FB or Instagram.)

If you notice the Pinocchio on the front of the cake, its referring to this statue. :-)