Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Sister-In-Laws "Girls Night In" Birthday Party

This past Friday night, we celebrated my SIL Amie's birthday with a "girls night in" at my MIL's house. My MIL, my SIL Amie and her 3 girls, my other SIL Liz and her daughter Bella and I were all there to celebrate. We had "healthy" foods, a few drinks, we did facials and watched Mirror Mirror!

It was a super fun night! Here are a few pictures. (You can click on any of the collages to view the pictures bigger)

Here is the food! My MIL made my SIL a bouquet of little liquor bottles. She got the idea on Pinterest. She also made some yummy chicken salad that she put in little filo dough cups! They were very very good. Then she made a caramel/cheesecake dip, in place of a cake, that we dipped apples in for dessert. She also had some fruit and veggies and some caramel and chocolate rice cakes. The food, though healthy, was all very good.

Facials! As part of Amie's gift, my SIL Liz got her a Clarins facial mask. We all tried it out! :-) Don't we look beautiful? Ha.

Dance Party after watching Mirror Mirror (which was a really cute movie BTW). The girls were all wound up, and apparently so was my MIL! Ha!

We had a super fun night!☺

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