Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We had a great Father's Day Weekend celebrating so many wonderful men!! 

Friday afternoon, Jake left for a Father's Day camping trip with our brother-in-law and some close friends of ours. So while he was gone Friday night and Saturday, Jackson and I did some shopping with my mom, sister and nephews.

Saturday evening, when the guys got back from their camping trip, we had dinner at my parents' house and we gave them all their Father's Day gifts. (Jackson and I got Jake an ipod for Father's Day and my mom, sister and I went together and got my dad a power tools set that he had been wanting.) I also made my dad and my brother in law a collage like I had made my mom and sister for Mother's Day. 

Sunday we went to church, and then had lunch at my Aunt and Uncle's house. We celebrated my Papa Reg (my Mom's Dad), my Dad, my Uncle Mark, my Brother-In Law Jason and my husband Jake.

My sister and I with our Papa Reg.

I also made a collage for my Papa Reg.
My sister and I with our Dad.

Papa Reg, my Uncle Mark and his boys Tyler and Travis.

Jake and Jackson.

My brother-in-law and his boys Landon and Mason.

Papa with his 3 grand-sons. (By the time we got to taking this picture, the boys were pretty much done.)

Jackson under the kitchen table with a Kleenex... oh this child is too funny.

That evening we went over to Jake's oldest brother's house to celebrate Father's day with Jake's family.

It was a great weekend spent with family.