Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grant's Farm

This past Sunday, we took a family trip to Grant's Farm after church. Jake and Jackson had never been. The weather was perfect and we had a great time!

Jake, Jackson and I on the tram that takes you around the farm.

Jackson on the tram. He really liked it!

Jackson sitting on Daddy's lap on the tram.

General Grant's Home.

Horses and Geese.

Texas Longhorn

Once we got off the tram, we walked around to see some other animals. Here is a very large tortoise.

And an elephant.

 And some geese.

Jackson looking at all the geese.

And some pink flamingos.

Next we saw a cute little donkey and pony.

And then a Bald Eagle.

Then we decided to feed the goats. Unfortunately we didn't think this through very well. You see, you feed the goats with a baby bottle and Jackson thought this bottle was for him! Major Fail on our part. He was not very happy to share this bottle with the goats but we got a few pictures before the major melt down. 

These goats were CRAZY! One was behind me trying to eat my skirt and another was chewing on Jackson's overalls!

Then, I looked down and saw that one of the goats had Jackson's whole hand in his mouth!! At that point I said WE ARE DONE!! Ha.

After all that excitement, we decided to take a break in the garden and have a drink and some snacks. Jake and I each had a complimentary beer and Jackson had some veggie straws.

After that, we walked around the courtyard and saw all the horses and donkey's in their stables.

 Then we took the tram back to our car.

Jackson waiting for the tram.

Jake and Jackson waiting for the tram.

The bridge you cross to leave the farm.

We had a great time at Grant's Farm. Jackson was a little more into it than he was when we went to the zoo this past Spring, but I still think he will enjoy it more when he's a little older. We'll have to go again next year. ☺