Friday, April 29, 2016

Avery's Second Birthday Party

We had a wonderful time at Avery's Second Birthday Party this past Saturday. We decided to have it at the park near our house and we couldn't have asked for better weather. It was sunny and in the 70's! Perfect!

Per Avery's request, we had a Peppa Pig theme for her party and she was so excited to see all the Peppa Pig decorations. It was a simple and stress-free party for the most part and everything went really well and everyone had a great time!

The pavilion we rented at the park had just been re-built and everything was brand new, even the grill. There was more than enough room and it was close to the playground and bathrooms so it really was a perfect spot. We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and brats and my mother in law made little veggie cups with ranch dressing and we had chips and a pickle tray as well. To continue with keeping it simple, I went to Walmart to get the cupcakes and they also had a Peppa Pig cupcake cake. It had Peppa and George on it at the park so it was perfect!! I couldn't pass it up. The decorations were pretty simple with pink table cloths and a few Peppa Pig hanging decorations. The only thing I got somewhat creative with was the favors for the kids to take home. I found these on Etsy and just ordered the file, printed them out and then glued them on the bottles of bubbles I had gotten. The bubbles were 3/$1 so it was an inexpensive and pretty easy little favor.

So without further adieu, here are the pictures from Avery's Peppa Pig Party at the Park!

I bought Peppa Pig shirts for both Avery and Jackson to wear to the party. Avery loved hers, Jackson... not so much. I mean it was George and had "Dinosaur" on it, but he still wasn't amused and pretty much told everyone at the party that he didn't like his shirt. Ha. Sorry buddy.

Avery was obsessed with her cake and cupcakes. The minute she saw them at her party, she could think of nothing else. She wanted a "cut-cake" and nothing else would do.

I tried to get her to eat some food before eating a cupcake, but this was the look I got. Ha. Good thing she's cute!

So since it was her party, I let her have her cake and eat it too! This made Avery a very happy girl!!

After everyone was done eating, we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

She never would blow out her candle. Little stinker.

After cake, it was present time! Avery was absolutely adorable opening her presents. She LOVES clothes and shoes. So with each new outfit she got, she held it up to her, turned it around and walked around to everyone to show them what she had got. She would look at each new outfit and say "it's cute!" She really showed her enthusiasm for each gift and it was so cute!

Avery hugging her new Peppa Pig back pack from Auntie Ashlee and Uncle Jason and checking out her new dresses and shoes from Maw Maw and Papa.

My mom got her, her first little pair of jellies. They even smell like Strawberries, just like the old jellies I used to have!

She also got some side-walk chalk and the older kids built a hop-scotch and they all had fun with that for a little while.

As each of Avery's friends and cousins left, she handed them their little favor as a thank you for coming.

It was such a fun party. It really couldn't have gone any better.