Thursday, February 8, 2018

Simply Enchanting Princess Ball

I took Avery to the Simply Enchanting Princess Ball this past Saturday and it was so much fun. It was at the St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park. It was the perfect location and Avery loved getting to ride the carousel multiple times. We got the VIP package so that she could get her hair and make-up done beforehand by the princesses. Sleeping Beauty did her make-up and Cinderella did her hair. She was in heaven. She even got a tiara to wear!

After getting her make-up and hair done, she went over and listened to Belle reading a story.

Then we went for several rides on the carousel, had a few snacks, did some dancing and listened to a few of the princesses sing songs.

I love this picture of Avery so much, I just wish she would have been looking at the camera. :-(

Can you tell her favorite princess is Belle? Ha. We had such a fun night together!