Friday, October 6, 2017

Our 10 Year Anniversary Trip to Washington State: Day 5

On day 5, Jake surprised me with a ferry ride over to another of the San Juan Islands. It was actually called  San Juan Island and it's the most popular island for tourism. Jake had reserved mopeds for us for the day. It was so cool to ride around the island on mopeds. We stopped many times to take in some of the sights over on San Juan Island. It was such a fun day!

Pulling in to Friday Harbor.

Once on San Juan Island, we walked up to the moped rental stand and took a crash course in driving a moped. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but I eventually passed and they let us go. ;-)

I never mentioned this in previous posts, but it was quite chilly there. We were there in July and it was in the 50's at night and in the 60's and occasionally low 70's during the day. If you were out on the water or here on the mopeds, you definitely needed a jacket or hoody. Here I had on a jacket over my hoody. It was definitely a change of pace for us since it was in the 90's back home in St. Louis.

As I said before, we made several stops along the way. We stopped at a couple beaches, a couple lighthouses, a lavender farm and a fort. We drove all the way around the island!

Cattle Point Lighthouse

At first I thought the Bald Eagle on top was just a decoration, until we got closer and he started making noises. So cool to see a wild Bald Eagle up close.

The view from the lighthouse.
Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Kayakers off the coast of San Juan Island.

The English Camp.

After turning our mopeds back in, we did a little shopping and had a drink at the Harbor while we waited for the ferry to take us back to Orcas Island.

Once we got back to Orcas Island, we had dinner at The Madrona Bar and Grill. It was really good and had a wonderful view. This was our last night on the island before leaving on another adventure.

Stay tuned next week for the last 2 full days of our trip.