Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Highs and Lows From Our Weekend

Our Valentines Day weekend didn't go quite how I had hoped, but overall it was still pretty good.

Friday morning, before leaving for work, I cleaned out Jackson's backpack from the day before and found this adorable Valentines Day card he had made for Jake and I. It was so sweet.

Then while at work Friday, right before leaving for lunch, these gorgeous flowers were delivered to my office for me. ♥ My sweet Valentine did good. ☺

Friday night, Jake and I celebrated Valentines Day with Dinner and a movie which was really nice.

Saturday, we met Jake's family at Sweetie Pies for lunch. His cousin and her family were visiting from Germany. So we all met up to see her and her newest member of the family. She had a baby boy last April and it was our first time to meet him. :-) After lunch we all went back to my Mother-In-Law's house for the rest of the day to hang out and catch up. It was a very fun day.
Avery meeting her new cousin. :-)

Saturday night, Jackson decided to stay the night at Grandma's house so we just planned on picking him up on the way to church the next morning. Well Sunday morning it started snowing and didn't let up for a few hours. We got out on the road to head to pick Jackson up and go to church but it was a slow go. 

While we were driving, Jake's mom called and said Jackson had thrown up twice that morning and though he didn't seem to act sick otherwise, we may not want to take him to church. So the plans changed and we ended up just picking him up and taking him home. Round trip it took us around 2 hours to pick him up and get him back home again. We got stuck behind a set of snow plows on our way home, which didn't help matters. Thankfully, Jackson fell asleep on the way home and we didn't have any throwing up in the car (we were prepared with a big bowl in case he did). The rest of the day included Jackson throwing up many more times and him just basically laying around. My poor buddy. I felt so bad for him. It was definitely the worst case of a stomach bug he's ever had. I did get an opportunity to clean and sanitize the house and get a few more boxes unpacked that day, but thankfully we celebrated Valentines Day on Friday because there would have been no going out that day with the snow and Jackson being sick.

I was able to snap a few pictures of Avery for Valentines Day. She was blowing kisses here! Too cute!

Monday morning, Jackson woke up feeling much better, thank goodness. I was off work for President's Day so my mom and I planned to get up and do a little shopping. Unfortunately, there was a snag in our plan. My mom started a load of laundry before we got going and thankfully noticed, before it got too bad, that the drain in the laundry room was backing up. Ugh. Of course, my dad and Jake were both at work when this happened. So we called my dad and he turned around and came home to save the day. He rented a sewer rooter and was able to get us all fixed up again.

While we waited for the sewer to be fixed, the kids played in their new rooms. They are just loving being in the new house and I love seeing them play together. :-)

So our weekend definitely had some ups and downs, but we are all back to work and school again today and everyone seems to be staying well. Prayers are appreciated that no-one else in the house gets the yucky stomach bug that Jackson had. I really really really don't want it and I'm praying no-one else gets it either.