Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday: Kitchen/Dining Room Updates

We have several projects going on around the house and none of them are quite done yet. The basement bathroom is coming along quite nicely and is almost finished. The outside paint project is basically right where I left it last week. So hopefully I'll have more updates on all of that in the next couple weeks. 

For now, I thought I'd share a kitchen update and share a few new decorations I've bought recently. Pretty much every room in our house is still a work in progress. No room is what I would consider, done! But we're getting close in some rooms. When I last posted about our kitchen, we hadn't even moved in yet. There were no decorations at all. Though, it's still not completely finished, it's getting really close. Here are some recent pictures of our kitchen of where it is now. We still need back-splash and baseboards, but it's come a long way from this post here.

Here's a little list of the goodies I've gotten to decorate the kitchen with:
(Will actually end up hanging in the living room eventually)
The Yellow and Gray hand-towels are from Walmart
The Blue hand-towels are from Home Goods

I also just recently got some new decorations for our dining room table. This is actually my parents' table. We are planning to refinish it to look similar to this as soon as we can get some free time to do it.

Wooden Tool Box is from Ross