Monday, August 29, 2016

New Camera

Jake bought me my first DSLR camera, a Canon t2i, back in 2012 for Mother's Day. After having Jackson in 2011, I wanted to be able to take better pictures of him and better pictures for this blog, so I looked into buying a DSLR and came to the conclusion that the t2i would be a great fit for me, and it was. It was a great camera and I learned so much on it. I'm proud of all I've learned and continue to learn about photography and my love for it just continues to grow each time I have that camera in my hand. I'm proud of the little business I've built with it and all I've accomplished so far.

For the last year or so though, I've felt I had kind of outgrown my t2i and started looking into getting a new camera for my business. I wanted a camera I could grow and learn even more with. So after a lot of research and advice from other photographers, I decided on the Canon 6d. It was a big purchase, so I didn't want to take the decision lightly. I wanted to be 100% sure it was what I wanted. 

So 2 weeks ago, Jake and I made the decision that it was a good time to invest in a new camera and I'm so excited to have my new Canon 6d. I haven't had a lot of time to play with it and figure out all the new features it offers, but what I've learned so far I love!! 

And here are a couple pictures I've taken with it in the past few days that I've had it.

I'm really loving the sharper images and the low-light resolution it offers.