Thursday, October 28, 2010

Candy-Corn Sugar Cookies

I just love this time of year and I'm always looking for cute little snacks and recipes to make for Halloween parties and gatherings. This year at work, I'm on the hospitality committe and the committee decided to throw a little suprise Halloween party for our office. I found this idea on Martha Stewart's website. Her recipe called for making the sugar cookies from scratch, but since I had limited time, I decided to go to the store and get a mix or something a little quicker and easier. I found this great tub of sugar cookie dough made by Nestle at my local Schnucks for $4.99. So I decided to go with that and I'm glad I did cause I was able to make lots of cookies and it was so easy! :-) Here's a picture of them. For the Martha Stewart recipe, just click here.

Our church toddler class Halloween Party

My sister and I teach the toddler aged kids class at our church. Last night we had our Halloween Party for them. We had a lot of fun. We colored a Halloween coloring page, played pass the pumpkin and we cut out little bats (using the cricut) to hide around the room and whoever found the most bats won a prize. We also bought some really cute cake mix and cupcake papers to make some cute Halloween cupcakes for our treat. The kids had a great time and so did my sister and I. Here are a few pictures from our party.

The kids coloring their color page.

The kids playing pass the "pumpkin" with an orange ball.

The festive Halloween cupcakes my sister made.

The cakemix we bought had Halloween funfetti in it. So cute and yummy!

The kids eating the cupcakes.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Fest at Church

Our annual Harvest Fest at church was last night. Its always such a fun time. Unfortunately it rained during part of it, but we still had fun. :-) Here are a few pictures...

The gigantic bonfire!

Food and games tents.

Clair dressed as Batgirl.

My nephew Landon (dressed as a "good" monster) and myself at the Harvest Fest.

Ruby, dressed as a cow. So cute!!

Cousins, Noah and Landon dressed in their costumes at the Harvest Fest.

My niece Sophia, dressed as Dorothy.

My nephew Larry, dressed up like Mario.

My nephew Brandon in his football uniform.

Brothers, Carter and Sam dressed in their costumes.

Carter with his sister Avery at the Harvest Fest.

My nephew Landon with his cousin Ruby. So cute! :-)

The hayride.

Halloween Party at my Mother-in-Law's House

My MIL's Halloween party was a success. The kids (and adults) had a great time. Here are some pictures...

Lots and lots of treats.

My niece Bella dressed as a cat and another of my nieces, Sophia dressed as Cinderella.

My niece Kyleigh dressed as a beat up soccer player.

My niece Alexis dressed as a beat up soccer player.

My nephew Larry dressed up like Mario from Super Mario Brothers.

My nephew Ethan dressed up like a pirate.

Some of the kids bobbing for apples.

My nephew Jack bobbing for apples. :-)

The friendly ghost. Its kinda hard to see him. But my husband dresses up as a friendly ghost every year and leaves clues for the kids, which eventually leads them to their treat bags. Its always so fun to see how the kids will react to him.

One of the clues the friendly ghost left us.

The boys playing together after the party.

My nieces Sophia, Bella and myself at the party.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party Cookies

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a fantastic weekend. I've spent most of my Saturday cleaning, playing with my furbabies and foster furbabies and getting things ready for my MIL's Halloween party tonight. For the past couple years she's had a Halloween party for her grandkids and extended family. My husband Jake, always dresses up like the "Friendly Ghost" and they play games, win prizes and have dinner and snacks. Its just a really fun time. Yesterday I happened to run across these Nestle Toll House pre-cut orange pumpkin sugar cookies that you just put on a pan and bake. I thought they'd be great to take to the party and would be really easy and quick to make. They weren't as easy as I thought cause they ended up getting all stuck together in the package :-( But I was able to salvage some. With the remaining dough, I balled it all up, rolled it out with the rolling pin and then used a pumpkin cookie cutter I had to cut out some more pumpkin cookies. They turned out pretty cute. Here's a picture below. I'll post pictures of the party some time early next week. We also have our annual bonfire and harvest fest. at church tomorrow evening. Its always so fun with games, a hayride and a costume parade for the kids. I'll post pictures from that early next week as well. I'm definitely going to need to get busy scrapbooking these pictures soon. :-)

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Halloween/Fall decorations.

This past weekend I added a few more things to my Halloween/Fall decorations outside and inside. Outside I added some pumpkins and mums and on the inside I added some new Partylite stuff from my recent PL party and a couple little things I bought from Dollar General and Old Time Pottery. I just love Fall/Halloween decorations. Their so fun. :-)

Some new puppy pictures...

This past weekend I took some new pictures of my foster puppies. I just thought you guys might like to see them. I think they're pretty darn cute. ;-)

Vasser and Perrier playing in our back yard.

Perrier playing in the back yard, looking ever so sweet. :-)

Vasser playing in the back yard, looking ever so sweet. :-) 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Afternoon ~ Halloween decorating outside and a bonfire.

Since football started, my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-Law and Nephew have been coming over on Sundays for lunch, football for the guys and just some bonding time for us girls. Last Sunday we had a bonfire in our new fire pit, so we decided to have another this past Sunday (yesterday). While the guys watched football, us girls decorated the outside of my house for Halloween. It was so fun and something I've wanted to do, but would have never done without their help. We're not completely done, but here's some pictures of it so far and a few pictures of our 2nd bonfire. The guys are taking turns building the fire to see who does the better job, LOL. So this was Jake's turn. He did a great job!!

The front of our house all decorated for Halloween. I still want to add some more lights to the other two windows to the left of the door and get some mums for my two planters on either side of my front door and another mum for my hanging planter. 

Jake building the fire.

The fire getting started.

My parents sitting out by the fire.

Landon helping Uncle Jake put more wood on the fire.

My sister Ashlee, BIL Jason and nephew Landon, sitting by the fire.

This picture is so cute!!

Jake and I sitting by the fire.
The beautiful fire Jake built.

My family. :-)

Ashlee roasting some hotdogs.

The dogs watching the fire from the back yard.

The foster puppies and myself, sitting by the fire.