Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Afternoon ~ Halloween decorating outside and a bonfire.

Since football started, my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-Law and Nephew have been coming over on Sundays for lunch, football for the guys and just some bonding time for us girls. Last Sunday we had a bonfire in our new fire pit, so we decided to have another this past Sunday (yesterday). While the guys watched football, us girls decorated the outside of my house for Halloween. It was so fun and something I've wanted to do, but would have never done without their help. We're not completely done, but here's some pictures of it so far and a few pictures of our 2nd bonfire. The guys are taking turns building the fire to see who does the better job, LOL. So this was Jake's turn. He did a great job!!

The front of our house all decorated for Halloween. I still want to add some more lights to the other two windows to the left of the door and get some mums for my two planters on either side of my front door and another mum for my hanging planter. 

Jake building the fire.

The fire getting started.

My parents sitting out by the fire.

Landon helping Uncle Jake put more wood on the fire.

My sister Ashlee, BIL Jason and nephew Landon, sitting by the fire.

This picture is so cute!!

Jake and I sitting by the fire.
The beautiful fire Jake built.

My family. :-)

Ashlee roasting some hotdogs.

The dogs watching the fire from the back yard.

The foster puppies and myself, sitting by the fire.

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