Monday, October 4, 2010

My foster puppies...

Well by now, you all know I'm a big animal lover. I started volunteering at Stray Rescue of St. Louis back in July of this year, basically just walking dogs a day or two a week on my lunch hour. I've always wanted to foster, but just never actually took the plunge. My husband was always a little iffy on the subject, so I never really pushed it. But this past Friday at work, the man that got me signed up to volunteer (who also works in my building), brought two puppies that he was fostering in for our office to see. He said there were more at the shelter that needed to be fostered, so I decided to head over there after work and take a look. All of this was going on without Jake knowing, yikes!!! I knew if I asked him, it would be too easy for him to say no, but I also knew if I brought them home, he wouldn't tell me to take them back, lol. So I brought the 2 remaining puppies home from the litter of 6 that were left. The other 4 are also being fostered right now. They are about 6 weeks old, I believe, and are waiting to get their last round of shots and be spayed/neutered before they can be put up for adoption. So, for now, they are living with us and I'm loving every minute of it. Its going to definately be bittersweet when they find their forever homes as I'm already growing attached to them. They're just so darn sweet and cute. Here are a few pictures of the puppies. I've got a boy and a girl from the litter. I'm also attaching a link to their rescue story, if you're interested in reading it.

*Their rescue story can be found at this link:*

 Vasser and Perrier - The boy is Vasser and he is the cream and white colored puppy. The girl is Perrier and she is the tan puppy with the black muzzle.

 Vasser and Perrier laying next to me in the kitchen. They had a very eventful day of playing outside and going to Petco.

Vasser sitting on my back patio.

Vasser playing downstairs.

Perrier playing outside in our back yard.

Perrier sitting outside in our back yard. So cute!!


Idea Queen said...

Oh my gosh your foster puppies are cute. I am an animal lover myself. I fostered for ATRA ( Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption) a few years ago when I was looking to adopt. It was a great process because I was able to adopt Emma and knew she and my other Airedale, Otto got along really well. They are such a great match. Due to space and neck issues I had to stop fostering after I adopted Emma. I think Stray Recuse is a fabulous organization. It is awesome that you are volunteering your time for them.

Amy said...

Thanks Idea Queen. Thats really cool that you were able to foster and adopt. :-) I'm really enjoying fostering these puppies. They are a lot of fun and a lot of work. It will surely be bittersweet when they find their forever homes. I'll miss them terribly, but I have to admit, I won't miss the stress of having 2 big dogs and 2 small puppies to worry about. My 2 labs are so easy. Having these puppies has really made me realize how easy my dogs are.