Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm linking up here, for Insta+Lately.

Starting with the most recent picture...
1. The super cute frame I got from Kohls to put Jackson's Santa picture in this year.
2. Jackson and I snuggling Monday evening.
3. Jackson checking out our Christmas Tree.
4. Jackson and his cousin Mason, dancing in their diapers.
5. Jackson and his cousin Sophia, watching The Grinch.
6. Jackson touching an ornament on my Mom's tree.
7. All 4 of my blonde haired children. ☺
8. Jackson fell asleep watching tv on his Mickey Mouse couch in the living room this evening.
9-12. I took Jackson on a wagon ride to the park this day. We had so much fun.
13. Our cat stormy, playing in a laundry basket.
14. Jake having a beer on his Birthday. 
15. Jackson and his buddy, Max, looking out the front door. ♥
16. A foggy day in downtown. The view is from my work window.

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