Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Maple Grove Block Party - Year Two

This was our second year for having our neighborhood block party and it was SO much fun!! Our city of Crestwood started a "Crestwood Night Out" where anyone that would like to have one, can sign up to have a block party. They drop of barricades for you and you can block off your street for the party! It's so much fun for the kids to be able to ride their bikes and scooters in the street! The city also sends over a police officer along with McGruff the Crime Dog and a Fire Truck stops by at some point in the evening as well. It's just such a great time. Our neighbor makes a flyer to invite everyone on our street to come and we all bring food and drinks to share.

This year we had a really awesome surprise because our block party happened to be on the same day as the Great Forest Park Balloon Race and the hot air balloons actually flew right over our street this year!! It was really amazing to see them filling up the sky around us. A few came right down close and even waved at us! It will be very hard to top that next year. Ha!