Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Little Update on the New House Renovations

So we've been busy working on the new house when and where we can. Labor Day was the first day we were able to get over there and get to work on the yard. I ended up waking up sick that day, so I stayed home with the kids while Jake and my parents spent the day working in the yard. They got a lot done and it looked quite a bit better after they were done. 

They mowed, weed-eated and pulled tons of weeds. The front and side landscaping had weeds almost as tall as me and there was so much ivy growing even all the way up the fireplace stack to the roof! So they got a lot of that cleaned up.

Then this past Saturday, my mother-in-law came along to help with the kiddos while we worked diligently to get a lot more done in the back yard. By this time, the pool was green and the fence was so covered in weeds and vines that you couldn't even see it in some spots! So with my parents help, we got the fence all cleared off and my dad cut down a lot of trees and brush (that were probably weeds at one point but no-one ever got rid of them). Later in the day, Jake and I took a sample of the nasty pool water to a local pool supply store to figure out what we needed to do to get it clear again and they were super helpful in getting us all squared away with a plan of attack. Close to $200 later and the pool is looking so much better.

here's a before and after picture of the pool and back part of the fence. This picture doesn't even show you how much we got done, but it's a little glimpse. You can see how the fence was just so overgrown and it was just as bad if not worse on both sides! The pool is looking a ton better too. It's hard to believe it's even the same pool! It just needed a little TLC. :-)

My dad has been working hard on building the new cabinets for the kitchen and they are looking great!! He went over to the house yesterday and tore out the old kitchen and flooring! I'm so excited at all the progress that's been made! 

 Here's as shot of the kitchen and laminate floor before my dad ripped it out.

And here it is now. :-)

And here are some of the cabinet boxes that he's built. :-)

I'm also super excited that we got all of our kitchen appliances ordered over the weekend. Best Buy was having a sale and we got a great deal on our Refrigerator, Gas Range, Micro-hood and Dishwasher! 

So that's where we are now on the house. Lots happening and there will be a ton more to update you on in the next few weeks and months! Our next thing to do is to pick tile for the floor by the entryway and into the kitchen and get hardwood for the hallway and Avery's room. (The rest of the first floor has hardwood that we'll be keeping and refinishing.) I'll be sure to update here as we get stuff done. :-)