Friday, November 4, 2016

Walt Disney World Vacation || Part 6

Thursday, Jake and I originally had planned to go to Universal Studios and let my parents hang out with the kids around the hotel. But Jackson had so much fun at the beach on Monday, that we decided to do a second beach day. I had also wanted to take the kids over to the Art of Animation Resort and we were running out of opportunities to be able to do that, so I thought Thursday evening would be a good time for that.

So we got up and headed to a different beach on Thursday. We went to the Daytona Beach area and found a great beach with a splash pad for the kids. It was a lot of fun.

Avery was rather crabby while we were at the beach that day. I'm not sure if she was just tired or what, but she wouldn't leave my side and wouldn't let me get in the water much. So I stayed out with her and we played in the sand.

We were only there for a couple hours (if that) before a storm blew in. Eventually it poured down rain and the life guard made us all get out of the water. It was fun while it lasted and such a nice beach.

After the beach, we headed back to Orlando. We got cleaned up and drove over to the Art of Animation Resort. I wanted to take the kids there because I had seen it on the Disney World website and thought they would really like seeing it. It is broken up into 4 sections and there was a Cars section and a Lion King section that I knew Jackson would like. This resort was so cool and totally geared for kids. Each room is themed according to what section you stay in. There were pools, playgrounds and all kinds of cool stuff for them to see. We could have stayed there so much longer. It was really a cool resort.

We started on the Cars end and it was so very cool. They had life-sized cars of each of the main characters.

It was like you were right there in Radiator Springs.

They just loved checking out each of the cars! So cool! Disney really is so great at paying attention to such detail. I love it.

After checking all of the Cars area, we headed to the Finding Nemo area next.

Then we headed over to the Lion King area, which was also very cool.

The fourth section was The Little Mermaid, but unfortunately, we ran out of daylight to go check it out, but I'm sure it's just as cool as the rest of the resort.

It was another wonderful day in Florida!

There's a couple more Disney Posts to come, so stay tuned.
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