Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jackson is 22 Weeks Old!

I'm a little late in posting this, but Jackson turned 22 weeks old this past Thursday. He is growing so fast and getting so big.

He's now rolling from his back to his belly and from his belly to his back, over and over and over again! He loves being on the floor. Our new problem now is that he rolls and rolls until he gets stuck somewhere and then he won't roll the opposite direction. He only will roll one way and then when he runs into something he gets mad and starts crying. Poor guy, he just can't quite figure out that he just needs to roll the other way.

He's getting close to crawling but still isn't quite there yet. He moves his legs, but still doesn't move his arms. I don't think it will be too much longer though and he'll be mobile. :-)

He's loved all the orange vegetables so far (Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Squash). He's had peas twice now and wasn't thrilled with them at first, but seems to like them a little more now.

We started him on Zantac this past week. The Dr. thought it might help cut down on the spit up. Jackson takes 0.5 ml/3 times a day. He doesn't like it at all, but it does seem to help some, though he does still spit up. I will be so glad when he grows out of that.

Jackson took his first trip to the zoo this past weekend. He really enjoyed being outside, but didn't really know what he was looking at yet. I'm thinking maybe by the end of the summer, he'll be a little more aware of what he's looking at. :-)

Here are his 22 week pictures!

Our Fun-filled Weekend

We had such a fun weekend! I have a lot of pictures to share, so this may be a pretty long post, ha!

♥ Friday night we went to dinner with family at one of our favorite restaurants, The Orient. It was yummy, as always! Then we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's house to see their new furniture and hang out. :-)

♥ Saturday, we did some housework/yard work and then went to these sweet twin girls 1 year birthday party. I can't believe they are 1 year old already.

And here they are in the cute little dresses and headbands we got them. They're so cute!

Ashlee and I dressed Jackson and Mason up in their cute matching Easter outfits for the party and of course we had to get a few pictures. :-)

Then Saturday evening, I went with all the girls on Jake's side of the family to see Princesses on Ice! It was soooo cute! I just love that kind of stuff. I can't wait til Jackson's a little older to take him to all this kind of fun stuff. Here are some pictures from our fun evening.

My sweet nieces Bella and Sophia. They were so excited to see Princesses on Ice for the first time.

Me, with all my nieces. Alexis, Kyleigh, Me, Bella and Sophia.

All the girls. :-)

Sophia and I waiting for the show to start.

The start of the show.



♥ Then Sunday we went to church and had lunch at my parents house. I snapped a couple of cute pictures of Jackson while we were there.

After lunch, we headed down to the Zoo. The weather was perfect and I couldn't wait to take Jackson for the first time. :-) He enjoyed being in his stroller outside. I don't think he really understood what he was looking at, but he loved being outside. Here are a bunch of pictures. :-)

Beautiful pink tulips.

Jackson at the zoo for the first time. I love his eyes in this picture.

A grizzly bear.


Prairie dogs.

Family picture with Phil the Gorilla.

A beautiful peacock.

I think the peacock was trying to impress this female. She didn't seem amused, Ha.

My sweet boy. ♥

A tiger.

The train. We didn't ride the train this time because it was sooooo crowded that day. Hopefully we can do that next time.

Leopard sleeping.


Jackson with some zebras in the background.

A camel family. This little baby camel was so cute.

Giraffe and ostrich.


Jackson with his sunglasses on. They are still a little bit big for him, but they are too cute.




Jackson with the train in the background.

♥ Then I was off work yesterday, so Jackson and I spent the day together at home. We did some cleaning and I packed away some of his winter clothes that he's grown out of and made room for some of the spring/summer clothes he's gotten lately. We also did some swinging and he fell asleep in his swing. :-)

So sweet. ♥

So that was our fun-filled weekend!! I hope you had a great weekend too!