Thursday, January 17, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 1 and 2

I used to scrapbook ALL. THE. TIME! I have a cricut and used it constantly. This was all before having Jackson. ☺

Now I just don't have much free time to sit down and devote a couple of hours a night or even a week to scrapbooking. And if I'm being honest, I just don't have the desire anymore either. I do however want to have scrapbooks to look back on because I love taking photos and I want to have these photos in a memory book of some sort. 

So when I stumbled upon Stephanie's blog and saw her "Project Life" digital scrapbook pages, I was impressed to say the least. Her pages are so clean and adorable. She does a page a week and I thought to myself, maybe this is a way I could actually scrapbook and get some pages done. 

So I decided to start this in 2013 and give it a try. I scrapbooked these pages on my lunch hour, a little one day and a little the next. One page a week seems manageable. I used's collage template and their fonts. I downloaded a few free digital scrapbooking supplies and made these 2 pages so far.

Week 2:
Week 1:

So I plan to do a page a week, documenting photos I've taken that week and activities we've done. I plan to show you all my pages as I make them. I also plan to have all my pages bound in a book using at the end of the year. I actually already started making my book and added these 2 pages to it so its not so much work at the end of the year. ☺