Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jackson is 25 Weeks Old!

Jackson is now 25 weeks old and growing every day! We took him back to the doctor this past Saturday for a follow up on his ears, which thankfully looked fine, and he weighed 18 pounds 14 ounces!! He's such a big boy.

He's just recently, in the last 2 days or so, started saying ba ba ba! Its so cute when he says it. I try to get him to say ma ma ma, instead, but he hasn't done that yet. ☺

He's still doing GREAT on the Enfamil AR! I can't believe what a difference its made in helping with his spit up. We've also been trying to give him baby food about 2-3 times a day. He loves it!

He's pretty much wearing all 12 and 18 month clothes now with a few 9 month things as well! He's such a big boy!

He's still rolling all around on the floor. As soon as you lay him down on his back, he almost immediately rolls over to his stomach and just keeps rolling and rolling. We call him a rollie pollie, Ha! He's impossible to change on the floor. He will not lay still for a second. Its much easier on his changing table because he can't go anywhere up there and I guess he knows it. 

He's getting so close to army crawling, but he's still not there quite yet. He gets really frustrated when he wants something and can't reach it, so he just rolls over thinking he'll get there that way and sometimes he does. ☺

He LOVES remote controls and cell phones. If he sees them, he has to have them or he throws a little fit. We have to hide them while using them around him or there will be a little meltdown if he doesn't get what he wants. I'm scared because he's only just a few days shy of 6 months. I can't imagine what the terrible 2's will be like. 

He's such a sweet boy. He loves to give kisses, but is a little rough in giving them. He grabs your face/hair and pulls you into him with his mouth open wide. Its really cute, but hurts when he gets a hold of your hair and won't let go, LOL. 

He'll be 6 months old this Friday! Wow, where have the last 6 months gone. My baby is growing up too fast.