Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our House ~ Front Yard

It recently occurred to me that I've never posted pictures of our house on my blog. We did a lot of work to it when we bought it, thanks to my Dad. We are pretty proud of the outcome and really love it. We closed on it on April 26th, 2007, just a few months before we got married. We bought it with the plan of fixing it up and having it move in ready by July 14th...our wedding day, which we pretty much succeeded at. We got a lot of the big stuff done, with only a few minor things left to do. The house was built in 1960. It already had many updates done that we didn't have to do; like new vinyl siding, the basement was finished, it had new carpet and a newer roof. Most of the updates we did were cosmetic. The previous owners' decor was from the 90s, LOL which you'll see in some of the "before" pictures. They had used a lot of wall paper, which we had to take down. We also added a garage, where there had previously been a carport. The selling points of this house were the finished basement, the separate dining area and the fenced in back yard for our dogs. This house will always be special to us cause its our first. Its a great starter home. I won't be able to post all the pictures today, but I'll spread it out over a few days so its not so overwhelming.  So here is our house...Home Sweet Home.

Our house before we added the garage, new front door and hardware.

Our house now with the garage, new door, brushed nickel hardware on the front and new landscaping.

A close-up of the front of the house before we changed everything.

A close up of the front now. We changed everything that was brass to brushed nickel, bought a new front door and moved the mailbox and numbers to the right side. It made getting the mail easier. :-)

The front of our house.


A close up of the garage.


This picture shows the front and side of the house. We live on a corner lot so our back yard is "L" shaped.

I'll put some pictures up tomorrow of the back yard.