Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Weekend via my iPhone

We had a really fun weekend, which we really needed after all the move and house stress we've had going on lately. It was great to get out and do some fun things as a family.

I'll start with Friday night. After work I picked up the kids from my parent's and headed home. I made the kids a little picnic dinner to eat outside and they thought that was pretty fun. We are in a second floor condo with a balcony, so the kids think the balcony is pretty cool. :-)

Then Saturday, we met Jake's family at Purina Farms for the day. Jake's Aunt (who was in town from Kansas City) and her dog Duke were competing in an agility competition. So we all went out to cheer her and Duke on and then we walked around the farm and did some fun things with the kids. It was a lot of fun.

Jake's other Aunt and Uncle live right near Purina Farms in a big old Farm House. So after spending the day at Purina Farms, we all went back to their house for a BBQ on their beautiful patio. They have a lot of land for the kids to run and play and I think Jackson's favorite part of being there was riding around on their "Tractor" aka Gator. It was so much fun spending time with family.

Sunday, we went to church and had lunch there afterwards. We celebrated an 80th birthday for one of the sweetest women I know. She was my Sunday school teacher growing up. :-) It was a wonderful party celebrating her and fellow-shipping with everyone at church. 

Then after lunch, we dropped Avery off with her cousin Alexis and Grandma. They took her to the pool while Jake and I took Jackson to see his first movie at the movie theater!! We saw Inside Out, which was super cute by the way. He did great and didn't get restless until close to the end. 

It was a great weekend and I'm sad to see it go. Hoping to have a few more fun one's like this before the end of summer.