Friday, January 6, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Christina, April and Natasha for Five on Friday!
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I recently signed up for ipsy and I'm anxiously awaiting my first bag. I have been using the same old make-up for years now and am ready for a change. I have no idea even where to start though, so I thought I'd sign up for ipsy and try out some new products. :-) You can check out ipsy by clicking here.

I got tickets for Avery and I to go to an event that's coming to St. Louis in February called the Fairytale Ball. Basically it's all the Disney Princesses in one place and we'll be able to meet them all, dance with them, do different crafts and just have a really awesome girls day together. I haven't told her about it yet. I think I'll just wait and tell her the day of. I don't know which one of us will have more fun. She's really gotten in to the movie Frozen and the first hour of the event is for VIP (which of course we had to pay extra for) and it's a whole hour with Elsa and Anna! I can't wait to see Avery's face when we get there and she sees all the princesses!!

I recently ordered a new canvas of our latest family picture and I love it. It's from Easy Canvas Prints. They have such great deals and I think I got it for 85% off!!!

I never got around to sharing this picture of the kiddos before Christmas, so I thought I'd share it now since I love it so much! #allthehearteyes

I made these Apple Pie Taquitos for our Christmas Eve get-to-gether with family and they were really good and so easy to make!

Have a great weekend!