Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Honk Yelled the Dump Truck...

That line and page are Jackson's favorite from the book "Little Blue Truck". He smiles everytime I read that line to him. I always say it in a deep, big voice and he just loves it. :-)

I know I've mentioned this before, but Jackson is absolutely obsessed with trucks right now. He just loves seeing them as we drive around town, as they pass our house, he loves seeing them on t.v. and he loves playing with them.

 I've been building his collection of Hot Wheel cars/trucks lately and while I was in the toy section at Target, on my lunch hour Friday afternoon, I spotted this cute little dump truck that I knew Jackson would love. It was only $1.99, so I picked one up for him.

Jake mowed the grass Friday evening, so we went outside with him and Jackson brought the dump truck outside to play with. 

Later that evening, he brought it to the dinner table while he ate dinner and then he also played with it in the bathtub that night. :-) I'd say it was a hit! 

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