Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My busy, but great weekend!

Our weekend was super busy, but super fun and productive!!

Friday night, after work, we went over to our friends, Chris and Holly's house for a visit. We had a lot of fun catching up. ☺

Then Saturday morning, I met up with my mom and my sister to go get our tattoos. Saturday, April 21st, was the one year anniversary of the passing of my sweet Grammy. In honor of her, several of my family members have gotten hummingbird tattoos. We all talked about it just a few days after her passing, but my sister and I were pregnant, so she and I had to wait. My mom waited with us and the three of us decided to get them on the one year anniversary. I'm so glad we did it together and got them on the day we did. It makes the tattoo even that much more special. My sister and I got the same tattoo and the same artist tattooed both of us. We got the tattoo in the same place too, on the top of our foot. Here is a picture of mine.

I'm not going to lie to you. It hurt like HECK!! I have 2 other tattoos and neither of them hurt anywhere near as bad as this one. It didn't help that I was driving us that day and I got it on the top of my right foot. Cruise control was my BFF that day! ☺ But I'm super happy I got it on my foot. I love it!! 

My Grammy loved hummingbirds, which is why we all chose to get a hummingbird tattoos. My Papa Reg (Grammy's husband), my Uncle and my cousin have all gotten hummingbird tattoos in her honor. The "Grammy" on my tattoo is actually my Grammy's handwriting. I had a card from her from several years ago that had her signature on it. I took it to the tattoo shop with me and they were able to trace it and add it to the tattoo. I LOVE it!!

My mom got a similar hummingbird with a banner reading "Mom" in my Grammy's actual handwriting. She too had a card with my Grammy's signature of "Mom" on it. She incorporated that into her tattoo as well. She got hers on the inside of her ankle. Heres a picture.
The rest of the weekend was spent much like any other. Hanging out with family, a little shopping, some cleaning and church on Sunday. 

I was off work yesterday, so my sister and I had planned to take our boys' pictures at a park that day. Jackson and Mason are both 6 months old now and Landon just turned 5 years old this month. So they all needed updated pictures. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we got some great shots. My mom came along to help us and I'm so glad she did. I don't think we could have done it without her help. We ended up taking over 500 pictures. I then narrowed them down to 100 and here are a few of my favorites. Thanks again Holly, for lending us your awesome camera!

Jackson sitting in a basket.

I did a little "pic-monkey" photo editing on this photo below.

Sweet Mason. 

Landon, the big 5 year old.

My nephews, Landon and Mason.

I love this smile.

The three boys looking at the fountain.

I just adore his blue eyes.

A couple cute pictures of the three boys.

I love this picture.

This is the same picture, with a little "picmonkey" editing done to it.

He looks so old in this picture.

I'm in love with these tie pictures! They're so cute!

So that was my long, fun weekend! I hope yours was great as well.